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Jaide nest of tables


Set of 2 square nest of tables with brushed elm top and copper frame

Availability:  In stock
Delivered within 2-3 weeks

Material: Nest of tables made of brushed elm top and copper frame

Small table (cm) : H: 0.47/ W:0.47/D:0.47
High table (cm) : H: 0.56/ W:0.55/ D:0.55

Delivered within 2-3 weeks

Note: Please note that the tabletop is produced from reclaimed wood so may have some slight imperfections

Weight 16 kg

Small table (cm): H: 0.47 /W:0.47/ D: 0.47
Big table (cm): H: 0.56/W:0.55/ D: 0.55

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